Thy Halo

Model in Thy Halo activewear

Conceived in the heart of Barcelona, Thy Halo is a new shining star in the fitness and athleisure sky over Europe.

Founded by Carola Rubiralta, this online shop strives to fill the gap in the European athleisure market which has for years been dominated by the same big brands. Recognizing each woman’s need for individuality as well as comfort, Thy Halo’s goal is to achieve the perfect balance of functional, comfortable and stylish.

Thy Halo - Activewear Boutique - Filippa K and LNDR

Thy Halo - Activewear Boutique - LNDR

After obtaining her Business and Administration degree and starting her professional career at L’Oreal, the founder, Carola Rubiralta moved to New York, where she continued her education while at the same time working for companies such as Tod’s and Inditex. It was in New York that the first seed of the idea for Thy Halo was born.

“Living in New York, I fell in love with the practicality of their lifestyle and how they combine comfort with the latest tendencies in fashion. I also noticed the ever-increasing need to pursuit wellness without forgetting style and fashion trends. After noticing this tendency, I decided to move back to Barcelona and create Thy Halo with the objective to incorporate athleisure into the daily European life.

Living in New York, I fell in love with the practicality of their lifestyle and how they combine comfort with the latest tendencies in fashion.

This concept goes beyond selling activewear clothes – it’s a life philosophy. The message was not to treat sports as a cult to the body, which is a dated concept, but to exercise and care for our body, leading a healthy lifestyle without having to sacrifice the personal style. In Europe, the main brands are Nike and Adidas, but there is a demand for high quality brands that are not just functional but fashionable as well.

Therefore, for this project I have made a careful selection of brands that offer clothes with exceptional quality.

Our main inspiration is the modern woman, and our clothing is meant to provide the support she needs to keep up with her daily rhythm. Clothes she can wear every day, all the time if she wants, that make her feel good. The Thy Halo philosophy is to bring out the good in every woman and share it with a community that feels the same way, whether they are in a yoga class in London, in the Pirinees with the family, or drinking coffee on a Paris balcony”, explains Carola Rubiralta, the founder of Thy Halo.

Thy Halo - Activewear Boutique - LNDR

A favorite of lifestyle bloggers and influencers, the online shop currently offers 16 high-end brands that are otherwise not readily available in Europe: Aeance, Alala, Ana Heart, Beyond Yoga, Electric & Rose, Filippa K, Free People, Live The Process, Laain, LNDR, Michi, Olympia, Pepper & Mayne, P.E Nation, SPLITS 59 and Varley.

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