Lane Eight The Trainer AD 1

Lane Eight The Trainer AD 1

This summer, the active wear scene has welcomed in a new brand that is seriously aiming to change the game when it comes to footwear. The launch of LANE EIGHT was marked by the reveal of their star product – the Trainer AD 1.

This highly adaptable sneaker will redefine your notions of comfort and durability.

Thanks to the sock-like fit, strategically positioned suede panels, a cross-lacing system extending down the foot, and rigid, full-length TPU sidewalls, these shoes offer unparalleled stability with just the righ amount of flexibility. The secure Midsole/Insole made from ETPU pellets and the ETPU sock liner provide cushion and comfort like no other shoe.

Keeping with the notion that sports are, ultimately, fun, and that there are countless ways to stay active, LANE EIGHT have created a shoe which dazzles with its versatility. We are all used to having multiple pairs of shoes on rotation, depending on our current activity. This can be tiresome, especially when you have to change them several times during the day.

Similarly, living on the go has become a simple fact of life, and there is an overwhelming need to integrate sports shoes seamlessly into everyday wardrobe. Bearing this in mind, the Trainer AD 1 was designed to complement your style. Made from materials that look and feel amazing, like leather, suede, and breathable knit, these shoes are just as suited for a casual brunch as they are for a rigorous workout of any kind.

Led by brothers Josh and James Shorrock, industry veterans with a passion for footwear, LANE EIGHT is looking to become the go-to choice for everyday athletes. Unlike a lot of the big brands in the business, LANE EIGHT does not tell tall tales of breaking world records with their gear. Instead, they are focusing on what it takes to keep fit when you are not a pro athlete preparing for the Olympics, but an average Joe who loves being active every day.

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