Aromax Ambient Scenting for Home

Airaroma Aromax in Black

At first glance, you could mistake the new Aromax home scent diffuser for a beautiful home accessory – an expensive vase perhaps. Available in six equally gorgeous metallic colors, with a modern, cone-shaped design and a minimalist aesthetic, it fits into any space. Actually, it does more than that: crafted from anodized aluminium, it adds an elegant, luxurious dimension creating a sense of effortless harmony.

The simple, clean lines of the design extend to the unfussy, simple to use functions, too. Aromax uses premium cold-air diffusion technology which, together with its wide range of settings, makes it easily customizable, no matter how big or small your apartment, house, or office. One of the diffuser’s biggest draws is that, while powerful, it works almost soundlessly, producing no more than a whisper. Just set the timer and forget all about it – the wonderful aromas wafting through your home will be the only reminder that Aromax is working.

With ten uniquely crafted fragrances, you can set the daily mood as needed. Choose the vivid, citrusy Illuminate for a burst of energy, the woody, soothing Cedar Mood for meditation, the ocean-like Longboard for a breeze of summer. Amber Grand calls to mind the sweet fragrance of a flower meadow, while Vetiver Rain creates a rich, sensual atmosphere. The new scents join the beloved classics such as Sencha, Lemongrass Tea, Fig Essence, Zuri, and Serene. All of the scents are lovingly crafted using only the finest fragrance ingredients and aroma oils.

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