Valkee 2 Silver Bright Light Headset for Winter Blues-New Model

One black and one silver Valkee 2 Bright Light Headset

We all need daily and regular light to feel our best. Valkee Bright Light Headset lets you take the light with you everywhere. We are excited to introduce the Valkee 2. It keeps winter blues at bay, and helps you feel your personal best, around the year, whatever the weather. It also looks great. It’s carved out of a solid block of aluminum, with a durable, silk smooth surface. The LED-headset is redesigned for superior comfort and it’s detachable. There’s no need for a computer. Valkee 2 channels light through the ear canal and skull to the light-sensitive parts of the brain where light affects mood and energy level. Valkee is recommended by 87% of users. — APEX Healthcare Consulting, February 2013.

Valkee is approved as a European Class II(a) Medical Device for treating and preventing Winter Blues. Typical symptoms include feeling tired, increased need for sleep, increased cravings for carbohydrates, and lower mood. Some call it the winter blues. Valkee can also be used to help in synchronizing the biological clock, to increase energy level, and to boost cognitive performance. With Valkee you stay energetic keep your spirits and mood high reduce the need for excess sleep combat cravings for carbohydrates first ultra-portable bright light device Completely redesigned LED earbuds with a detachable cord Thin aluminum body Ingeniously simple, one-button user interface Quick, effective and convenient Only 12 minutes a day needed Fits in your pocket – use it anywhere you like Rechargeable – two weeks battery time Sales package includes the Valkee device and LED ear buds, user guide, USB charging cable, and four sizes of ear bud cushions.

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