On Rotation in March: Blood by Rhye

Blood by Rhye album cover

Rhye’s sophomore effort follows in the footsteps of their debut Woman, but this time around, the soft alternative R’n’B sound is stripped to the core. Blood by Rhye is an irresistible blend of disco beats, softs strings, funky guitars and airy Rhodes. More mellow than its predecessor, the record offers an almost voyeuristic insight into the ups and downs of a relationship. From the sheer lust of Phoenix and Feel Your Weight, to the desperate plea of Song for You, and the wistfulness of Waste, the range of emotions is rendered perfectly through Milosh’s fragile, sensual vocals and the dreamy soundscape of the album. In its essence, Blood feels like a promise of seduction, a nocturnal album, its ebb and flow of longing and lust something to indulge in and savor.

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