Graduated Calf Compression Sleeves by DANISH ENDURANCE

A woman wearing shorts, hoodie and Danish Endurance Compression Sleeves running by the sea

Blood circulation trouble is neither sexy nor comfortable. Luckily, you can say goodbye to varicose and spider veins, shin splits, and swollen, heavy legs and feet. Danish Endurance Compression Sleeves boost blood circulation, while also promoting shorter recovery times after exertion. You can count on them to do their magic whenever you’re flying long distance, recovering from injuries or surgery, running, or just spending a lot of time on your feet. The sleeves will also ease your mind and protect you from blood clots if you spend a lot of time sitting down.

Designed with daily wear in mind, the sleeves are made from anti-bacterial yarn, with breathable and sweat-wicking properties. This superior product is developed in cooperation with Danish Olympic Runner Stina Troest. It is manufactured in Europe and tested with the leading Swiss Medical Stocking Technology. Danish Endurance pays special attention to comfort, which is why they decided on 18-21 mmHg graduation lycra sleeves. This makes them effective, easy to put on and comfortable even for longer wear.

Finally, it’s hard to believe, but true. We never thought we’d find cute compression stockings, but the Danish Endurance Sleeves pack some serious style points too!

Our Compression Sleeves boost your performance during training and to speed up recovery after exercise within all sports and outdoor activities such as: Running, Cycling, Triathlon, Fitness, Soccer, Rugby, Hiking.

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