Bodha Ritual Incense Stick Set

Bodha Ritual Incense Stick Set

Connect with yourself and find inner peace with these gorgeous, artisanal incense sticks. Bodha incense sticks are designed in Los Angeles, and then handcrafted from only the finest natural ingredients, including organic wood. With a burn time of 30 minutes and 60 sticks per package, this little gift to yourself will provide you with hours of relaxation and pleasure.

Bodha incense sticks come in four stunning scents that will Soothe, Ground, Purify and Refresh you.

Calm: Soothing herbal notes of lavender and geranium create a sense of inner quiet and relaxation.

Ground: Earthy wood notes of japanese cypress, cedarwood, and bergamot help you focus and reconnect – especially helpful after travel.

Purify: Refined floral notes of pink lotus, dapnes odora, and jasmine create a clarified sense of space an clarify – especially helpful for new beginnings.

Refresh: Clean, green notes of cyclamen, primrose, and jasmine energize, invigorate, and support creativity.