Apple Watch Series 4

Apple Watch Series 4

The wait is finally over – your faithful new health companion is here. The Apple Watch Series 4 has just come out, and it boasts a complete redesign and a whole range of new and improved features that set it apart both from its predecessors and the competition.

Once again, Apple is setting new standards. Apart from being your workout partner, the new series 4 watch now draws a sharper focus to your health. In addition to the optical sensor that monitors your heart rate during workouts, the new Apple watch now comes with its own ECG monitor to keep track of both your heart rate and your heart rhythm. This medical device goes beyond an optical sensor and can be used to detect abnormalities and even previously undiagnosed conditions.

The second game-changing innovation comes in the form of a fall detection and an emergency SOS feature. In case of an emergency or a fall – which the device will detect thanks to its improved gyroscope, calling for help comes at a simple press of a button. If you are unresponsive and cannot call for help, the device will place the call automatically and notify your emergency contacts.

When it comes to hardware changes, most noticeably, the new series comes with larger case sizes which, although fairly subtle (the difference is just 2mm) translate into a whopping 30% larger display sizes. Understandably, this has brought in a major improvement in visibility and organization, providing more room for shortcuts which facilitate the use to a significant degree.

All of its old functionalities, like the Bluetooth, wireless and cellular connection have been upgraded, leading to a leap in performance, and other advantages, such as longer battery life.

The core of series 4 is perhaps its main draw. Now with a new processor, the immediacy of the device is on a par with a smart phone, increasing its usability and making it indispensable as your go-to device.

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